Guntersville Police are investigating more than $1,000 worth of power stolen from a home

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. -- Guntersville Police officers are looking for the person responsible for stealing more than $1,000 worth of power from a home.

"The Arab Electric Co-Op notified us that a residence that had previously had the power shut off to it, they went out and did an inspection, and found that the meter had actually been jumped off to where the residence was receiving power illegally," said Guntersville Police Captain John East.

East says this happened at a home on Larue Circle in the department's jurisdiction outside of the city. "They estimated a financial loss to their organization at approximately $1,300," East said of the electric company.

He continued to say the company believes this has been going on for a matter of months, from November of last year to this month. East said the company turned the power off last year. "Typically in this type of situation the person who benefits from the theft is whoever is in the house,  but it's an open investigation at this point."

Because of that officers can't release details, like who owns the house, who was living there, and when it was occupied last.

Officers see this situation every so often. "We have seen it from time to time, all various types of ideas used to try to take the power," East explained, "It can be very dangerous."

East said this type of case usually goes to a Grand Jury.  If you have any tips for officers about the investigation, call the Guntersville Police Department.