Global Aviation Solutions’ expansion to the Guntersville Municipal Airport is step toward the future

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. -- A Huntsville based company called Global Aviation Solutions is now also using the Guntersville Municipal Airport for some of its work. The city constructed a massive overhaul at the airport over the last several years with a goal of bringing in companies - like Global Aviation Solutions - in mind.

The company is using an existing hangar at the Guntersville Municipal Airport, and some new hangars are in the works at the site. The company provides services to commercial and government aviation users worldwide.

Over the last several years the City of Guntersville upgraded and expanded its airport with a goal to open an avenue for industry and job growth in Marshall County. Among those improvements is an expanded runway capable of handling company jets, which Marshall County Economic Development Council President Matt Arnold says is a requirement for many companies. "When the city began going after the funds required to build the 5,000 foot runway that was what they had in mind, was to be able to attract commercial businesses, aviation related businesses, to the airport," Arnold explained.

Global Aviation Solutions' decision to expand to Marshall County is a reality of what city leaders hoped for in planning the airport expansions. "We're finally seeing the fruits of the labor that went into getting that runway constructed and financed over the last almost two decades," Arnold said.

Arnold added there is more property available at the airport and he believes other companies will expand operations to that location.