TVA posts their final environmental assessment involved with the selling of Bellefonte Nuclear Plant

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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. -  TVA's final environmental assessment concluded there were no environmental threats to interfere with the sale.

"I know that there's several steps that's in the process to pass the license over to the Haney group that is wanting to finish the plant," says Sheila Shepard, President/CEO of the Jackson County Economic Development Authority.

With one step down, there's still a lot more that needs to be done. "I do know that there is some legislation that needs to be passed through the federal legislation and the state," says Shepard. "They were looking for some different things that needed to be tweaked a little bit, so that they can get some incentives to help a nuclear plant."

This is the first private nuclear plant in the area. Local officials have high hopes for the opportunities that this acquisition can bring. "It's going to bring in thousands of jobs and it'll be a great economic boom for our area. There will be several thousand construction jobs which will last probably five years. Then after that once the plants in operation there will be several hundred paying jobs there. Good jobs."

Although this can potentially be great news for the county, it can take years to achieve. "They've assembled a team of contractors and people to operate and build the plant. And even though it'll be a long-term process and I know people in Jackson County have gotten their hopes up and down a few times on it, but I feel like this is a very, very good possibility that we'll see this happen."

Nuclear Development, LLC has until November 2018 to completely close the auction.

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