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Taking Action to hire vets: Mission Accomplished

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - WHNT News 19 partnered with Still Serving Veterans again this year to help those who served our nation transition from military to civilian life. We hosted a Taking Action Line July 18th to help them find a job. The mission was a success.

The phone lines were open for three hours.  Our friends from Still Serving Veterans took the calls to answer questions and get some basic information. "It's been great," said Will Webb, President of Still Serving Veterans. "WHNT got such a good outreach that we're getting calls from all over the place." And not just from veterans in north Alabama and middle Tennessee. Webb said the calls came from "Colorado Springs, Fort Hood, Texas, and Illinois."

There were 69 calls. Half a dozen of them coming from employers looking to hire veterans. One of those callers was Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning. He said they're looking for 32 detention officers and those veterans may be just what they're looking for to fill the positions. "They're used to serving and being out front so what a great call," Webb said. "So we will definitely with Sheriff Dorning and his folks."

Webb says that hiring a veteran is not only the smart thing to do, it's the right thing to do. "They served us honorably, kept our families safe and it's just a blessing for us to be able to help them," he added.

Still Serving Veterans continues to expand its boot print to help those who have served. The mission has changed since 2006 when it first started operating. The organization has helped more than 35,000 veterans with benefit claims, resource connections and jobs. It now has offices in Huntsville, Birmingham and Phenix City, Alabama. But Still Serving Veterans is really excited about the virtual counseling sessions being done now.

You've heard he expression, the early bird gets the worm. That is the case when it comes to a Marine Staff Sgt. who made the move from military to civilian life. It took him 11 months to find a career that was the perfect match. He's now a supply technician for a defense contractor that supports our men and women overseas.

Last year in 2016, Still Serving Veterans found jobs for 737 veterans. We talked to one who's hard at work right now looking for that perfect opportunity.