Despite efforts, rain and a delay pushed back the completion date for Asbury’s first football field

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ASBURY, Ala. -- Crews are working as fast as possible on Asbury High School's first football field and stadium, but the weather and a delay pushed back the hoped for completion date that was the start of football season.

Crews found a way to divert an underground spring that caused construction delays on Asbury's first football field and stadium. They found it several weeks ago. School officials say a company previously tested the site but the spring went undetected.

"Due to the rain we've had this season and the underground spring, we're just not sure when we'll be able to complete the project," explained Marshall County Schools superintendent Cindy Wigley.

Wigley says the underground spring delay and the weather pushed back the completion date, which was initially aimed in time for football season. "We're just working as hard as we can as fast as we can. If we have just a few days of good weather without rain we'll be able to make some significant progress."

Asbury will play its games on the road again this year. In the meantime, Wigley says crews will continue to work as quickly as possible. "It's very important for the students, the school, and the community. It's going to be great when we get there," Wigley said.

The field is set to go across from the Asbury Volunteer Fire Department. There's not a set completion date just yet.