Burglars hit numerous cars over the weekend in Florence

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FLORENCE, Ala. – It’s a crime of opportunity which police say the victims play a part in. This past weekend numerous cars in Florence were burglarized while sitting in their own driveway.

Sgt. Dennis Patterson, Florence Police Department

“All you’re doing is pulling on a door handle and you’re grabbing whatever; loose change or whatever kind of valuables that are in the vehicle,” described Sgt. Dennis Patterson with Florence police.

It’s a snatch and grab; burglars walking through neighborhoods in the middle of the night checking cars. Surprisingly, police said, there is a tremendous number of people who leave their cars unlocked while sitting in the driveway.

“If they would develop just a habit of every time they got out of their vehicle to lock their car doors, that way they don’t even have to worry about their cars being broken into,” stated Patterson.

According to Florence police, two dozen vehicles that they know of were burglarized Friday night into Saturday morning. They were all located in the Oak Hills and Twin Oak’s subdivisions.

Sergeant Patterson also has another piece of advise, take your valuables out of the car.

“If they are out of plain site people can’t see them. And that way if their doors are locked, there’s nothing to be seen, the person who is breaking into cars they are going to go to the next car.”

Because the last thing burglars want to do is bust out a window and make noise.

If you have any information which could lead to an arrest in these burglaries, contact the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers tip line; the phone number is (256) 386-8685. The anonymous tip is eligible for a cash reward.