Couple says finding each other is an answered prayer

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  The engagement photos of Murphy Wilson and Lucinda Myers have been viewed, liked and shared around the world thanks to social media. The couple shared their story with us and is excited to to tell the world, prayer works!

Finding love can take time. If you lose it, can you find it again? A Madison couple proves you can.

1st Corinthians 13 teaches us “Love is patient.” Murphy Wilson and his first wife were married for 41 years. She passed away March 12, 2013. “I knew that I could never love another woman as much as I loved Antoinette,” Murphy told us. “But I can love someone as much as I loved her for who they are.”

After her death, Murphy prayed and asked God to bring someone he could love into his life again. “Just one love, that's it,” he said. “And I said if that's possible, then I need you to pick 'em because you picked the first one and you nailed it.” His prayers were answered. “I've got someone different here. Another chapter, turn the page,” he said smiling. “She's a piece of work too. I've got to tell you and I love her. She's something else.”

That someone different is Lucinda Myers. “I didn't want him to think that I was interested. I wanted him to be interested first,” she told us. Lucinda was married for 25 years but has been single for more than 30 years. She moved to Huntsville about four months after Murphy’s wife died. She was praying to find someone as well.

Standing in the balcony at Huntsville’s First Seventh Day Adventist Church, I looked at them sitting where they’d been sitting for three years not knowing each other and said, “So this is where it all began.” Murphy smiles and said, “This is it. This is it.” Lucinda added, “Yes it is.” From time to time, Murphy would glance at Lucinda across the aisle. “She never looked this way,” Murphy said. “Nope,” Lucinda added with a smile. Murphy then said, “Even though I was hoping she would.”

One of Lucinda’s friends noticed Murphy’s head turns and told her she had a secret admirer. Somebody was watching him watch Lucinda. “Exactly, and I didn’t know,” he said. He got busted. “Yeah, I did,” he said with a laugh. “I thought I was being kinda cool and discreet about it.

The two finally spoke to each other at church. “A few months went by and I'm like, hmmm, he's kinda nice,” Lucinda said. “He's handsome.” Murphy jumped in saying “Keep talking, keep talking.” They both laughed.

But the spark ignited during a gathering at Murphy’s house earlier this year. “My heart was telling me you need to keep talking to this woman,” he recalls. “I think I was hearing the Lord clearing his throat, that's the one.”

They didn’t tell anyone they were dating. They wanted to see where the relationship was going to grow. Their friends figured it out one night when they saw them at church. She had grabbed his arm as they were walking into the building. “And I took her hand off my arm and I held her hand. Because I wanted people to know,” Murphy said. “See, anybody can hold your arm but when you're holding hands, that's the real deal.”

It didn’t take him long to pop the question. He gave a devotional with her name embossed on cover. It included what he hoped would be her new last name. “I was really shocked and surprised,” Lucinda recalls. “It was a pleasant shock and surprise.” It was a moment they’ll both remember for the rest of their lives. “Both of us were a little teary eyed and what not because we knew we had found what we wanted, needed and was looking for,” Murphy said. “We knew.” They’ve only been dating for about four months, but when you know, you know. “Oh, yes, yes,” Murphy said. “There's no question.”

Local photographer Gianna Snell recently captured their engagement excitement with her camera at Huntsville’s Big Spring Park. They’re both on cloud nine! “Oh, you have no idea,” Murphy said. “Yall ain't got the time for me to tell you how excited I am.” Gianna also wrote a blog about the couple finding love on her Gianna  Snell Photography page. Murphy and Lucinda will say exchange vows and say “I do” July 29th in the church where they met. We wish them the best. Congratulations!

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