Scottsboro High School wants to incorporate a piece of the BB Comer Bridge in their sculpture

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - The BB Comer Bridge was a landmark for many in Scottsboro since the 1930s.
Just last year it was torn down due to old age and many were devastated. "It spans the river with pattern and design that you don't normally see in a modern bridge. It spans the river with antiquity. It spans the river with out heritage,"says Angel Chaney, the art teacher at Scottsboro High.

So after it was demolished, residents wondered what would happen to the remaining pieces. "We wanted to look for historical parts of the town," says Chaney. Scottsboro High School's art department received a $20,000 grant from the state to develop a sculpture.

They wanted the piece to be a historical monument in reverence to the city, so after a little thinking and collaboration with a sculptor they came up with an idea."We just happened upon part of the bridge, BB Comer Bridge."

They presented a proposal to the city council Monday night. "It's like you erased part of their history. Time has to change. Things must move on, but you can't eliminate your history," says Glenn Dasher.  Dasher, a sculptor and retired professor from UAH, is the man behind the plan.

"So this is the piece of the bridge that is the original part. Then we will build and fabricate the additional pieces to create this tetrahedron," says Dasher. It will provide a space for those who want to reminisce of the memories of BB Comer bridge.

"People can go visit and reflect on it," says Dasher. "It has sort of a sanctuary type feel about it. It's going to be large enough to go into." Scottsboro High will return to a city council workshop next week to discuss their plans further before it comes to a vote.

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