YOUR PHOTOS: Cullman, Morgan County thunderstorm displays “overshooting top”

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As the sunset on northern Alabama Thursday, a thunderstorm continued to rumble over northwestern Cullman and southwestern Morgan counties, near Hartselle and Danville.

What made this particular thunderstorm so interesting was the feature poking out the top of the storm, known as an “overshooting top”, or OST.

Overshooting tops occur when the updraft within a thunderstorm is strong enough to “punch” through the flat anvil that is present in a mature thunderstorm. The stronger the updraft, the taller the overshooting top.

Although the thunderstorm’s overshooting top was located in western Cullman/Morgan counties, it was visible from as far away as Huntsville (45 miles from the storm)… and even in Sylvania (about 80 miles away)!

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