The CouchCoaster will keep you coastin’ through your lazy days

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The CouchCoaster is a couch-dwelling drink coaster that is advertised as fitting directly over the arm of your couch. It has a flexible silicone band that fits over a variety of arm rests, and is weighted down to prevent messy spills.

We found couches galore at Southeastern Salvage in Huntsville where we put the CouchCoaster to the test.

When the coffee table is just out of reach and the arm of the couch seems unsteady—the CouchCoaster is there to keep your beverage handy.

The CouchCoaster claims it works best on a couch arm that has at least a 14 cm width, otherwise it’s not guaranteed to be as stable. But no matter the material of the couch, the CouchCoaster will stick.

The silicone flaps right are weighted down so that it stays in place. It doesn't easily move around, but of course that’s going to depend on the flexibility of the arm of the couch it's sitting on.

Glasses, cans, mugs and other beverage containers will all fit in the coaster, which comes with a removable adapter depending on the size of your cup.

When you remove the adapter, the CouchCoaster has an insert where you can fit the handle of your coffee mug.

It may be a first world problem, but if you’re going to be kicking back, you might as well kick up the relax factor!

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal!