SEC teams are excited to break in Atlanta’s new stadium

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HOOVER, Ala.  - One of the biggest changes for this upcoming SEC season has nothing to do with the players, coaches, or even high expectations.

It's Atlanta's new stadium that will kick off the 2017 season.

“No issues, we’re good to go," says Rich McKay, the CEO of the Atlanta Falcons, who owns Atlanta's new stadium.

September 2nd, the lights at Mercedes Benz Stadium turn on for the first time.

“I think when they walk in and see the scoreboard, see what we call the halo board, it's 58 feet tall, it's 1100 feet around, I think that will be different," says McKay.

Beyond the eye-catching new scoreboard, wider seats and iconic retractable roof, Rich McKay of the Atlanta Falcons wants something else to capture the attention of fans.

“I hope that the fan experience and all the things we tried to look out for, and that they impacted, I hope they are wowed about those," he says.

The SEC Championship called the Georgia Dome home for 22 years and will continue to under the new kaleidoscope roof for the next 10 years.

McKay says all of the major events landing the SEC Championship was the most important.

"It fits right with where we are, a lot of people can drive to where we are that play in the SEC so to us, it was the most important deal we were going to work on," says McKay.

The Crimson Tide enjoyed some of the biggest success in the old dome, with a 10-3 overall record, but McKay says they're going the extra mile to make everyone feel like the new stadium is a place of their own.

“We really want the building to feel different for that day, for that week even because we want that building to feel like to those teams that this is their home stadium," he says.

McKay says they really did try to think of everything, including the escalators.

The new stadium will double the amount you can find inside so fans don't try to leave early to avoid long lines.

In addition to hosting the National Championship this season, the Mercedes Benz Stadium will also play host to Super Bowl 53 in 2019, and the Final Four in 2020.