More than 300 animals euthanized last month at DeKalb County Animal Adoption Center due to overcrowding

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. -  Overcrowding is a problem for a lot of rural animal shelters, especially for the one in DeKalb County. Just last year, the DeKalb County Animal Adoption Center euthanized around 2,000 animals.

"Yes, puppies are adorable. Yes, kittens are adorable, but we just don't need anymore," says Sydney Brooks, Secretary of Friends of DeKalb County Animal Adopton Center.

In the month of June, 441 owners surrendered their pets to the shelter. "I think a lot of people bring them here in hopes that we'll be able to help them, you know, but we don't have the funds to do that," says Brooks.

People give up their pets for many reasons. "People don't get their pets spayed and they're having puppies so they bring the puppies in. People are going on vacation and they don't know what to do with their dogs. Maybe they didn't like it in the first place, so they bring it here. It's just a complete
lack of responsibility."

The shelter tries to ship as many animals as they can to bigger feeder shelters. But with only 44 dog kennels, very few foster homes, and limited resources; there's only one solution.

"So most of them end up getting euthanized," says Brooks. "You know, when you have this many people bringing pets in, there's not many people coming in and adopting. So there's much more coming in then there are leaving."

Just last month, more than 300 animals were euthanized. The shelter is asking for your help to reduce this number. "We try to really encourage spaying and neutering." This helps the number of pets produced.

Also, foster homes are needed for as little as two weeks, just to provide space in the shelters. "All these rescues could pull more if we had more fosters. It doesn't cost anything," says Brooks. "They pay for all the vetting."

Ultimately, the shelter encourages those who are seeking a pet. "Well you know pets are a lifetime commitment. They are expensive. They do take effort." Think about your decision. It could save a life.

If you're interested in adopting or fostering a pet, you can click here to access the Friends of DeKalb County Animal Adoption Center's Facebook page.