Losing 300 pounds is not impossible

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Rita Hutcheson Cobbs is just about the coolest person you will ever meet.

Whatever your excuse is for not working out, not eating right, or taking charge of your health, Rita probably not want to hear it.

At one point in her life, Rita weighed 450 pounds.   One day, she sat quietly while listening to a coverage about two people’s health issues and the medicines they were taking.

You could call it a sign from God, a moment of clarity, or just a moment of self-realization.

But at that moment, Rita Hutcheson Cobbs took charge.

She took charge of her life and health.

That started a journey that lead to a 300+ plus pound weight loss.

She started slow by dropping soft drinks. She added fruits and vegetables to her diet.   She sustained the weight loss and then qualified for a weight loss surgical procedure.

There were some bumps in the road after that, but it didn’t take her long to get back on track. Today, after more than six years of taking charge, she is under 160.  She is off all her meds and teaches classes at Benders in Hartselle.

If you know anyone that took charge of their health story, and turned their health around, tell us about it! We would love to tell their story.

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