Huntsville Police encourage public not to drive golf carts in the roads

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Golf carts are showing up more and more, but it's not what you think. Huntsville city leaders said this is a problem not on golf courses, but on city streets.

Huntsville City Councilman Mark Russell said citizens are concerned about kids riding golf carts in neighborhoods.

"We're having a lot of issues with it in the Blossomwood neighborhood. Kids are driving these golf carts to Mountain Springs Pool and Blossomwood Pool and we wish everybody would be safe," he said.

Unless your golf cart is designed for street use and has the following equipment, Huntsville Police said you shouldn't be driving it on the roads.

"Your lighting requirements, your turn signals, your brake lights, seat belts. It has to have a tag or some type of registration on it issued by the state of Alabama," said Lt. Stacy Bates.

Lt. Bates said once all that criteria is met, it's just like driving a car.

"It has to be operated by a licensed driver. You can't just send a ten or twelve-year old out there with no license or training or anything. It has to meet all the standards that the state has set forth," he explained.

He knows those who are driving golf carts in the roads are mostly on interior streets, but he said regardless there is still a real danger, especially if they get hit.

"They really have no means of protection there. There aren't any airbags, there aren't the safety equipment that cars are required and designed to have. No one wants to see a child, or an adult for that matter, get hurt," said Lt. Bates.