The Jackson County Commission finds a resolution to distributing the business privilege tax

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - The Jackson County Commission is about to write a big check to the city of Scottsboro. That's after the county withheld money from the business privilege tax. Money to which the city is entitled.

Every business that operates in Alabama pays a business privilege tax to the state. "Then they distribute those dollars to the counties based on that previous formula," says Commissioner Matthew Hodges.

After speaking with an attorney general, Jackson County decided to retain that money and use it for various economic development projects. "Based on a subsequent AG's opinion, it's determined that we do have to actually distribute those dollars," says Hodges.

The majority of the money belongs to the city of Scottsboro. Pairing with council, the commission has come up with a resolution. More development for the city is also a win for the county as well. "It works with the city to take care of those dollars that were retained, give them a portion of them for the purpose of economic development," says Hodges.

It's exactly what's needed to move the county forward. "We've had some successful years over the past few years, but we can do even more if we're willing to invest in it."