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Lake Guntersville State Park’s zip line course is a draw for visitors, especially during the summer

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. -- A newly built addition to Lake Guntersville State Park is drawing visitors in from all over the state and out-of-state, especially right now, during the summer.

This is the first summer both phases of the zip line course are open together. "It's been going great. Level one was all we had last year. Level two we opened this year. We are ahead of where we were last year at this point," said  course assistant manager Jeremy Dobbins.

Dobbins added the constant stream of visitors to the zip line course exceeded expectations. "We have them from all over the state, out-of-state, of course a lot of people come to the lodge and stay," he said.

Dobbins continued to say the summer brought on an increase of visitors. "Toward the weekend if you want to go zip lining you need to make reservations because it's hard to get in just walking in."

"I think there's a buzz about the zip lines," said  park superintendent Michael Jeffreys, "It's something that we didn't have in the area. It's bringing in visitors that typically wouldn't have come to the park or simply haven't experienced the park, so it's providing exposure and a new wave of guests."

Jeffreys said they've noticed an increase in park guests since the course became operational. "Our dining room business has increased in both lunch and dinner, and it's been a good impact for the park overall, providing a new service."

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