Get rid of bugs the eco-friendly way with My Critter Catcher

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Insects, creepy crawlies, bugs that fly, and bugs that hide. When you find them in your home, what are your options?

We may have found an eco-friendly option which requires no touching and no killing.

The My Critter Catcher is advertised as being a better solution for capturing and releasing the bugs you want nothing to do with. All without harmful chemicals, expensive batteries, or buggy mess to clean up.

"There`s a lot to an insect, of course, you deal with the good insects and you of course deal with the bad insects, and it`s all relative."

Stephen Gates is an entomologist, aka an insect expert, at Cook's Pest Control.

"They don't belong inside, they typically don't want to be inside, so throw them outside and let them do their job outside."

Whether they're good or bad, you don`t want them in your home. That`s where My Critter Catcher comes in.

The long handle keeps you at a comfortable distance, and you capture the insect by encasing it in the strong, yet gentle bristles. The insect won`t get out, until you pull the trigger.

We had a few people test it out on a few different bugs. The jumpy and fragile crickets may have taken a couple tries to grab, but every single one made it to the great outdoors in one piece.

"This has a good extension so you don`t have to right up on it, you don`t have to step on it and squish it, so that way you can grab it and you can let it out the door," said Cindy Pinkerton with Cook's.

And even on the mighty and heavy Madagascar hissing cockroach, the My Critter Catcher holds on with a tight grip.

"Folks in the office seem to like it, it seemed to pick up small insects, and of course like with this cockroach, seems to pick it up pretty well too," said Stephen Gates.

So did the My Critter Catcher pass the Deal or Dud test? "I think the Critter Catcher is a deal," said Gates.

And thanks to the My Critter Catcher, no insects were harmed in the making of this Deal or Dud!