Public Fourth of July firework celebrations help kids safely enjoy the holiday

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MADISON, Ala. -- With all the fireworks going off on the Fourth of July, safety is top of mind during this holiday. That is especially the case when children are involved.

Jordan Phillips said families are the most frequent customers she sees at the fireworks stand she works at. Stands have some better options for the little ones out there.

"Mostly for kids we try to sell the pop its, they don't have to light them or anything so it's really safe. The small bees, they spin around and fly up in the air. We have some tanks that just shoot sparks and drive, so these are some of our best sellers," she explained.

Madison Fire Chief David Bailey said the best way for kids to safely enjoy the Fourth of July is to go to celebrations like the one at Dublin Park.

"People are safer if they come to one of these. There's plenty in Huntsville and Decatur going on as well tonight," he said.

Chief Bailey said 12,000 injuries occur every year because of people shooting off fireworks on their own. And public celebrations aren't just the safer options for families, it's also probably the more entertaining one.

"They'll actually see a lot better fireworks as well. The fireworks we just observed are big fireworks here, so they make much more of an impact with people," he said.

Fireworks are illegal in Madison and Huntsville, but if you live outside city limits Chief Bailey said make sure to use the utmost safety precautions.

"If you are going to use them at home please make sure you're well away from structures when you use them. Also make sure that you follow the directions very, very well," he said.

More than 18,000 fires are started every year by fireworks. And sparklers? Despite popular use, they're not a safe option for children. They burn at around 2,000 degrees. That's hot enough to melt some metals, let alone a child's skin.

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