Fourth of July a big holiday for the food industry

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. —  Fourth of July is one of the biggest holidays for the food industry. Americans are expected to spend billions of dollars at the grocery stores this year.

“Fourth of July is a big holiday for Kroger of course. A lot of our departments are impacted by the holiday,” said Stafford Henry, the district HR manager for Kroger.

Henry said a lot of customers tend to go on vacation for some of the other summer holidays, but Fourth of July is a big day for them.

“Fourth of July is more of a family atmosphere, where a lot of people are starting to gather together and have family cookouts, group cookouts. We tend to do a lot more business on Fourth of July, versus Memorial Day,” he explained.

Americans are projected to spend almost $7 billion on Fourth of July food this year. Henry said that holds true with what they see in the stores.

“Customers tend to spend, I would say ten to fifteen percent more on hot dogs and hamburgers. Especially when you have kids involved,” he said.

And as for that age-old question, hot dogs or hamburgers? Here in Huntsville it seems the winner is…hot dogs.

“A lot of families tend to lean towards the hot dogs. You get that pack, throw it on the grill, kids love it, and even adults love it,” said Henry.

And studies agree with that trend. It’s also projected Americans will eat more than 150 million hot dogs alone on this day.

Americans spent an estimated $6.8 billion on food last year. Projections indicate that number will be up this year.

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