Shooting off fireworks in Huntsville could land you in trouble with police

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. –  Some people have already gotten a head start on the fireworks festivities, but Huntsville Police want to remind everyone if you're caught shooting fireworks within city limits there can be consequences. "The city council several years ago, adopted an ordinance which makes it unlawful or illegal for anyone not only to shoot fireworks in the city limits, it`s also illegal to sell, possess or use fireworks," Lt. Stacy Bates explained.

He said there are many reasons why fireworks are not allowed in The City of Huntsville. "When you are in a city you are in a more congested area. There`s a lot more houses closer together and businesses close together; the opportunity for fire hazards are greater," Lt. Bates said.

Fireworks also make a lot of noise and can sometimes be mistaken for gunshots. "We do get a lot of calls. People are calling in and they may think they are hearing gun fire, but they may not actually be," Lt. Bates said.

If HPD does get a phone call about potential shots fired they will respond. "Anything that we think is gunfire related we are definitely responding to and what we want to remind people, it`s just unsafe to discharge a weapon in city limits," Lt. Stacy Bates explained.

HPD said the public's safety is top priority, so if they catch someone shooting off fireworks, you may get in trouble. "If you get caught doing it you can get an arrest citation which is basically the same thing as being arrested. Instead of being arrested and put in jail, you are just given a citation," Lt. Stacy Bates said.

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