Congressional candidate Peter Joffrion is ready for collaborative legislation

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WHNT News 19's Steve Johnson and Congressional candidate Peter Joffrion

HUNTSVILLE, Ala – More than one newcomer to a political race will be the ballot next year in Alabama. Former Huntsville City Attorney, Peter Joffrion certainly will be. The Democrat is running for the 5th District Congressional seat, now held by Republican Mo Brooks.

In this week’s leadership perspectives interview, WHNT News 19’s Steve Johnson and Joffrion discussed why he’s running, and why he is running as a minority candidate.

“After watching what has been going on in Congress, particularly for the last eight or nine years, and seeing the ever-increasing partisan divide, I just thought it was important for someone to step forward. Someone who may be a bridge builder, who might be able to reach across the aisle and work in a collaborative way with people on both sides of the aisle. And by collaboration, I don’t mean capitulation. I’m not talking about giving in, but rather a willingness to sit down at the table and talk, and try to find some areas of common ground, and maybe come up with some legislation that is beneficial to everyone.”

Watch our entire interview with Peter Joffrion here:


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