Huntsville Police and T-Rex recruit make viral video showing what it takes to join the force

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Huntsville Police Department and their trusty T-Rex recruit have created a viral video that shows you what the physical ability and agility tests are like when applying to join the force. Officer Kissich explains what is required out of new recruits as the T-Rex gives it the old college try.

Physical Ability Test

  • First Phase – 22 proper push ups within 60 seconds
  • Second Phase – 25 proper sit ups within 60 seconds
  • Third Phase – a run of 1.5 miles that must be completed in less than 15 minutes and 28 seconds

Let’s just say that while the T-Rex isn’t the most physically fit recruit, it might be the fastest. The video shows the T-Rex leading several officers, which is no surprise as the dinos hit max speed at 25 MPH.

Physical Agility Test

To begin the obstacle course, Officer Kissich explains that the applicant must be able to push a patrol car a total of 15 feet. Officer Evergin steps up to the course to show us how a real officer performs the test. The T-Rex shows off its strength in this obstacle and pushes the car away pretty hard and fast.

In the second obstacle, the applicant has to run 50 feet then scale a six-foot wooden, or chain link fence. Officer Evergin has no issue navigating the obstacle, but the T-Rex does not have as much upper body strength as the previous obstacle suggested. We believe the T-Rex may have cheated.

In the third obstacle, the applicants have to run 50 feet then negotiate a window that is 2 feet by 2 feet. The feat is easily performed by Officer Evergin. The T-Rex really struggled to perform this obstacle and it proved to be hilarious in its attempt to navigate it.

In the fourth obstacle, they run 75 feet in order to traverse a 15 foot balance beam. Let’s just say that balance is not the dino’s forte, but kudos for trying.

The final portion of the course is to run 75 feet to a 165 lb dummy that must be moved 15 feet. Officer Kissich explains that entire obstacle course must be completed within 90 seconds.

If you think you have what it takes, the application process for new recruits begins in August.

The Huntsville Police Department said they have put together a recruitment team to take things in a new direction.  Editor, filmmaker, and star of the film Sergeant Tesla Hughes, (She’s the T-Rex!) said that they are excited about the project and we can expect to see more videos, both comedic and motivational, in the future.

We hear rumors that it may be donut themed next time!