Bride-To-Be in disbelief about event venue going up in flames

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CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. – Brick Haven, a popular event venue, went up in flames early Saturday morning. Kristin Collins-Talley and her husband were the last ones to get married in the venue.

"I had to drive out here just to look to get pictures, cause I just couldn`t believe it. It was absolutely beautiful in there. I can not believe it burnt down hours after we were in there. I`m just so glad all of my guests were out of there, all my friends and family," Collins-Talley said.

She said it was gorgeous inside and others felt the same way about it. Bride-to-be Lindy Speake was planning to get married at Brick Haven in less than two weeks. Speake said her wedding means everything to her, and she's still in shock.

"I have planned for this day since I was a little kid, all the little the details. I wanted it my way," Speake explained.

Speake has less than two weeks to find a new venue for her 100 plus guests. She's found a few places, but the task still seems impossible. But she does have some help from her maid of honor. Speake said she will get a full refund from Brick Haven.

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