Jackson County Board of Education approves a new county school resource officer

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – There hasn’t been a school resource officer program in Jackson County schools for years.

“I’ve had several conversations with Sheriff Chuck Phillips and it’s been over a year we’ve had different conversations. Finally, we got together this week and we were able to meet with some terms and agreements,” says Superintendent Kevin Dukes.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office will provide one uniformed sheriff and a car, working hand in hand with the school system.

“The sheriff, Chuck Phillips, myself and the officer will be the only ones that knows that schedule. They’re going to go around from school to school as needed and they’ll be somewhere different everyday,” says Superintendent Dukes.

And if there’s a specific incident.. “…if something happens.. you know we’ve had a couple issues this year. That will be their priority. That school will be.”

Safety is their main priority, so anything they can do to add to it, they will.

“I’ve said many times that this was a dream of mine to get resource officers back in school and thanks to Chuck Phillips, this dream is becoming a reality.”

Superintendent Kevin Dukes says they’re taking baby steps, which they hope will lead to more officers in the future.

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