Huntsville terrorism suspect Aziz Sayyed gets a bond hearing on July 5th, after being held for weeks without one

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The man accused of providing or soliciting support for terrorism in Huntsville now has a bond hearing set for July 5th, after being held for weeks without appearing before a judge. His lawyer argued his detention without bond was unconstitutional.

Aziz Sayyed, 22, was arrested on June 15th for allegedly providing or soliciting support for terrorism in the second degree, a state charge and a Class C felony that carries a sentence between one and ten years in prison.

The second degree charge means the value of the "support" was less than $1,000.

Prosecutors have said through court filings that Sayyed admitted to them that he had planned and discussed planting bombs in public buildings and that he had all the materials to make a bomb in his apartment when it was raided, shortly after his arrest.

The prosecution argued that Sayyed is an immediate threat to public safety and needed to be held without the possibility of bond, though they also argued if bond were set, it should be no less than $250,000. Sayyed's defense attorney argued that state law simply does not allow authorities to hold Sayyed without the possibility of bond.

The defense attorney, Bruce Gardner, filed multiple motions making the argument over the course of the week and even sued Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning as the jailer who was holding Sayyed.

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