The Purrfect Pouch may be a transportation option for your cat!

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The Purrfect Pouch is advertised as a comfortable carrier and grooming sack for your cat. It's supposed to be as simple as slipping it on you cat and zipping it up.

Beverly is a volunteer with the Spay Neuter Action Project and deals with transporting cats to foster homes and adoption events often.

"When transporting, safety and being sure the cat can't get away is the most important consideration," Beverly said.

So is the Purrfect Pouch really the safer, more comfortable option for your cat?

"My concern is the kitty might be more agitated being able to see around, and want to get away," Beverly noted. "I think you'd have to try the individual kitty and see how he does."

Our contenders today are Walton and Hansel. Both foster cats (and available for adoption!) that Beverly considers pretty laid back.

While wrangling Walton into the Pouch, we decided it was better as a two-person job. Once in, he calmed down but was still nervous.

"If someone wanted to try this I'd recommend doing it for a while in your house before taking them out anywhere," Beverly said.

And once we wrestled him into an ideal position for grooming his nails he seemed to not mind it.

Hansel is a smaller cat, and when we got him tucked in, he took after the Purrfect Pouch's name and purred.

Even after these cool cats gave it a try and handled it well, is the Purrfect Pouch the better carrier option?

"I think The Purrfect Pouch is debatable. In a few number of cases you might really enjoy it with your kitty."

Deal or Dud verdict: Debatable

For more information about cats like Walton and Hansel visit snapalabama.orgĀ or the SNAP Alabama Facebook page.

There are adoptions every Saturday at the Petsmart on University Dr. from 12 p.m. - 3 p.m.

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