Hollywood Police Department will get new dash cams for their vehicles

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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. - "Well we have on officer video now where's its point of view. But we realized over the years that second perspective." Or a second angle, that's where these new Axon dash cameras will come in handy.

"It actually uploads the evidence directly from the server to the car, so there is nowhere to manipulate it or for any issues to arise saying that the evidence could have been manipulated," said Chief Jason Hepler of Hollywood PD.

The software also integrates with other software used at the police department.

"So as soon as our light bar is activated the cameras come on," explained Chief Hepler. "Or as soon as our on officer video camera turns on, that camera turns on as well. There's also one in our prisoner compartment inside the vehicles."

Transparency is a priority with Hollywood PD.

"We felt like it helped us reduce liability and complaints and it protects the public as well because the officer knows he's being recorded."

So anything they can do to help strengthen that is a must.

"We've always tried to be very forth coming and have officers with cameras on them, even before it became an issue," said Hepler.

All three of their police vehicles will have these new dash cams. They hope to have them installed by the end of July.


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