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People who work at Redstone Arsenal praise protocol, first responders

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- People on and off the installation were impacted by the event at Redstone Arsenal on Tuesday.

Redstone Arsenal's workforce is approximately 40,000 people. Those people who work, play, and live in the Tennessee Valley. We heard from several families who were rattled by the situation and are now thankful it is over.

Those who sheltered in place said it started out as a typical day.

"It was a standard day, and then we get the alert that there`s a possible active shooter," said Chris Lindsey, an employee who works at Redstone Arsenal. Lindsay was at his desk at work at the Software Engineering Directorate when he heard the news.

"Your first reaction is, 'I didn't think it would happen here.' Especially in Huntsville, Alabama," he said. "It kind of just throws you off. And then, for me personally you start thinking about those close to you and you start going, 'Okay, I need to hug somebody a little tighter because somebody may not get to.'"

Lindsey said an event like this puts everything into perspective. But then, you still need to react. Lindsey sheltered in place. Others say they barricaded their doors with filing cabinets as the situation unfolded in buildings, and outside the gates. As gates closed, the effects moved out into the Huntsville area.

"I just came from the interstate and it's backed up clear across the interstate," said Don Limbaugh, who was driving to the arsenal gate. He was waiting in traffic as the gates reopened.

Back on the installation, it was less about fear Lindsey said, and more about trust in the first responders, the protocols, the training they've had, and each other.

Lindsey commented, "Even though it happened and its unfortunate that it happened, it is a testament to the amazing people on this arsenal and the people who complete these trainings. It amazes me how accurate they are and how responsive everybody was. Everybody just banded together. I mean, it's a busy place but we are still a community and we are a family, believe it or not."

He said they train a lot at his job, and he is thankful for that. In the moment, he said that was something he could fall back on.

People on the installation told WHNT News 19 they will not be afraid to go back to work because they know this community and the Arsenal can handle situations like this.

 “The trainings are great," Lindsey said. "The alerts are perfect because they’re real time."

He added, “You have first responders who are amazing.There are people at this garrison who are heroes, and they should be applauded.”