The city of Scottsboro prohibits the use of fireworks — just a heads up before the holiday

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - Fireworks may seem a lot of fun, especially during the holidays, but they can also do a lot of damage.

"You know a lot of people like to try to do these in their yards or neighborhoods," said Fire Chief Gene Necklaus.

But they're completely prohibited in the City of Scottsboro, through a fireworks ordinance.

"Which essentially does not allow for anybody to sell, purchase, handle, or transport in the city limits or in the police jurisdiction," explained Chief Necklaus.

Residents are advised to only attend public displays, which are an exception to the rule.

"There's a process, an application process through the State Fire Marshal's Office, through our office, and through the police department to get that certified."

Just to ensure safety within the city.

"They are an explosive," said Gene Necklaus. "Yea, everyone's played with bottle rockets and everyone's played with Roman candles, but you know sometimes things can go wrong."

If you're found using fireworks in the city, you could receive a fine and possibly jail time for breaking the ordinance.

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