Residents say they are getting no help from management after apartment complex fire

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. - A fire at an apartment complex that raged for hours over the weekend was finally extinguished, leaving ten families with nothing left.

Those who lost their homes are now looking for a roof over their heads. According to some residents of the apartment complex, they have no help from the complex management.

The residents say that despite reaching out multiple times to the apartment complex for some answers, they have gotten no reply.

According to them, no effort has been made on that side of things to try to help these residents who are now without a home.

Penny Wright is just one resident out of the ten families displaced by the fire.

"Four units was gone by 6 a.m., and then as the day went on the whole rest of the building went," said Wright.

She says that she and other residents that lost their homes, have not heard anything from the apartment complex.

"We really don't have a place to stay. We've not heard from management at all. I have put in several calls and text messages, not to be returned," claimed Wright.

Wright says she's frustrated by the lack of communication, especially in this time of need.

"Since 4 a.m., I've called and I've left messages, literally till I filled the voicemail up about ten o'clock yesterday. The owner showed up yesterday but he never spoke to anyone on the property."

Wright says that at this point, she's not sure what the next step is. The Red Cross is assisting the families in the short term, but there is no long term plan as of yet.

"Nobody's told us anything, so we absolutely know nothing. Were basically having to stay with whoever we can stay with. I mean it's hard to even think what you need to do next actually."

Right now, she's just trying to figure out where she'll be sleeping.

The residents we've spoken with say they have housing for the night, but don't know what they'll do from there.

We have also reached out to the apartment complex for comment, but received an automated message with no chance of leaving a voicemail because the mailbox is full.

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