Huntsville/Madison County celebrates the sacrifices of the Armed Forces during special signing

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  It's that time of year again; time for us to celebrate the sacrifices of the armed forces during a week-long series of events.

The Armed Forces Celebration Week began this morning at Veterans Memorial Park with the signing of a proclamation.

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Lynn Collyar knows our patriotism in the Tennessee Valley is special.

"It's not just the military, it's the government civilians that work on the arsenal. It's the contractors that work there, all trying to do what they can to make sure every war fighter comes back home safely," Maj. Gen. (ret.) Collyar said.

This mission is honored annually during Armed Forces Celebration Week, a time for special tournaments, gatherings and a couple of opportunities to see the Army Materiel Command Band.

"We've got a community relations concert," CW4 James Bettencourt said about Tuesday evening's concert at James Clemens High School. "We're doing a lot of WWI. What we're trying to do is make sure we can honor the 100th anniversary of WWI."

This will be one of your last opportunities to see the band. It will be inactivated over the next year. The AMC Band's final performances will take place in July 2018.

"The Army's going through a more regional band concept, and we will for events, be able to request musical support from the Army," Col. Richard Spiegel said. "But, we have to be realistic in saying that it's not going to be at the level we see in the community today."

Regardless of what the next year brings, the annual Armed Forces Celebration plays on.

"There are major cities that don't have memorials like this, and major cities that don't honor the armed forces like the Huntsville/ Tennessee Valley area does," Col. Spiegel said while standing in front of Veterans Memorial.

You can find a complete list of the week's activities here:

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