Abandoned home in Fort Payne removed after numerous complaints from the neighborhood

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FORT PAYNE, Ala - An abandoned home was causing a bit of a nuisance in one Fort Payne neighborhood. Alan Devore lives across the street and says the home wasn't safe.

He battled the city for several years to get it destroyed, but didn't have any luck until now.

"I had a doctor's appointment at 11:15 Thursday morning, and I kept hearing something out there. Sounded like machinery running," said Alan Devore.

He woke up early to start getting ready for appointment. When he heard the noise outside of his house, he looked out the window and was surprised at what he saw.

"It was just pouring rain and there they were out there with their equipment and a bunch of guys," said Devore.

People from the city had come to remove the house. "About 9:30 came and I could see it was mostly gone by then."

It only took a few hours for them to completely remove it.

"But at 10:30, they just took everything and left and it was done, except for a big hole full of water there," said Devore.

Devore, along with residents in the area were ecstatic when they saw what was done.

"I'm happy now. I'm thrilled to death. I talked to my other neighbors around me here and they were happy too."

And they're happy that officials of Fort Payne finally heard their requests.

"I hope there are no repercussions of any kind. I hope we just let it go and let it be. It's gone.

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