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Thousands of people came to Guntersville to watch Saturday’s test event

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Courtesy: Guntersville Police Department

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. — Thousands of people came to watch the Guntersville Lake Hydrofest Test Event over the weekend in Marshall County. For first responders it was more than an event. It was a look to 2018.

“The test event went really well,” said Guntersville Police Chief Jim Peterson, “We actually had a little more spectator crowd than we expected so we were proud of that. We had essentially no incidents whatsoever on Saturday.”

Saturday’s test event gave Guntersville Police and the numerous other agencies involved a chance to see if any changes needed to be made in planning for the full race next year. “Fortunately, this test event gave us a scrimmage game to see if all of the logistical support that we thought we needed, the different agencies that had been involved, that we had those in place and everything worked really well,” Peterson explained.

“We actually started a punch list Saturday morning, and I can tell you that the list is fairly short. There are things that will be easy to change or manipulate. The biggest challenge we’re going to have is to figure out exactly how many people we’re going to need to support the expected crowd for next year’s event.”

“It really went well for the city and for the race teams, I believe,” Peterson added.

Peterson and other responders are going to Indiana in the upcoming days to view a real race with a full crowd, to give them an idea of what to expect in Guntersville. Guntersville Lake Hydrofest is set for June 22 – 24, 2018.