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State of Alabama chooses to smash $278,000 worth of liquor at destroyed ABC in Fairfield

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FAIRFIELD, Ala. - The State of Alabama is smashing the remaining bottles of liquor left behind after an EF-2 tornado destroyed an ABC store in Fairfield.

According to our news partner, much of the liquor seemed untouched by the tornado, with many bottles standing upright and some shelves completely stocked.

However, ABC officials had to destroy store #17's remaining inventory due to fears of contamination.

Because the entire roof, three walls, and two inside walls of the store had been destroyed, the liquor inside was subject to outside elements and inclement weather.

ABC officials say there is no way to determine whether any of the seals on the bottles were damaged, leaving potential for contamination. There were also too many shards of glass caused by other bottles breaking, making it difficult to clean each bottle and declare it free from glass fragments.

In total, the amount of liquor that will be destroyed is valued at around $278,000.