Geraldine City Council is bringing a new waste water treatment plant to the city

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GERALDINE, Ala. - Back in 2015,  the Geraldine City Council collected the money they thought they needed for a sewer system.

"When we did the bid, it turned out to be a much bigger expense than we expected," says Mayor Chuck Ables.

So the council went back to the drawing board.

"We had to eliminate a few streets where we were going and just basically scale the project down some," says Mayor Ables.

After reworking the routes and receiving a little more funding, the city is finally ready to break ground.

"We're able to agree on a start date of July 31st."

It's not only a sewer system - this venture means more opportunities.

"With a sewer system, it's much easier to attract new business and obviously then when new business comes in that allows more tax dollars and can do more things for our residents," says Mayor Ables.

Septic tanks are currently used, and they're very expensive.

"You know it could range from four to ten thousand dollars or even more for a septic tank and field lines. And that's just a residence, you know businesses will be even more."

So this new sewer system is a huge help to everyone in the city.

"It's exciting that we're getting to move along finally and been looking forward to being able to dig in the ground a little bit."