Former Governor Robert Bentley working as doctor at Tuscaloosa Dermatology clinic

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Ex-Governor Robert Bentley is back to working in medicine at a clinic in Tuscaloosa, according to our news partner

Bentley is listed as the owner and only physician for Dermatology Care of Alabama. According to the company’s website, Bentley’s history as Governor is summarized as follows:

“Dr. Bentley retired from private practice in 2010 when he was overwhelmingly elected by the people of the state to serve as Alabama’s 53rd Governor. During his time in public service, Dr. Bentley prioritized the needs of the average Alabamian, drawing particular attention to rural and impoverished parts of the state, and led efforts to bring not only well-paying jobs, but also qualified physicians and greater access to healthcare to those areas of Alabama.”

Bentley, 74, resigned as Governor in April as a part of a plea deal after investigations into his relationship with his former staffer Rebekah Caldwell Mason revealed finance and ethics violations.

A part of Bentley’s plea deal was to perform 100 hours of community service as a doctor. Bentley has Dermatology experience prior to becoming governor and still maintains a medical license.