Recovery manager organizes End Heroin HSV walk while working to fight local opiate abuse

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  Every single day, Huntsville emergency crews respond to a drug overdose. While that may not impact your daily life, it does impact our community in a big way. "His Way Recovery Center" Recovery Manager David Wilbourn knows this is true.

Wilbourn found himself in a downward spiral during his college years.

"Didn't too much care for school and was more focused on how I get more Oxycontin, more Oxycontin," Wilbourn said.

Wilbourn stayed in the throws of his addiction for eight years.

"Overtime it had developed to heroin," Wilbourn recalled. "I was in and out of rehabs, in and out of jail."

Then, the "His Way Recovery Center" met Wilbourn at rock bottom, living in a car, addicted to drugs.

"I never thought my life could be normal again," Wilbourn said.

But, 12 months in rehab can change a person. Wilbourn is now the resident manager at the recovery program that saved his life.

"Sometimes you have to go back to where you came from to see where God's brought you, and I was like there's my answer. I'm going back to His Way to work," Wilbourn recalled of getting a feeling in his heart while on his way to a church service. "I've been working here ever since."

Now Wilbourn wants everyone to join him in the fight against local opiate abuse.

"I think people have this idea that it can't happen, it can't happen to Huntsville," Wilbourn said.

Wilbourn's leading an "End Heroin Huntsville" walk this fall in Big Spring Park connected to the Not One More Alabama organization. The event is free, everyone is welcome and there's no RSVP requirement.

"It's a time that our community can come together," Wilbourn said. "Whether you're in recovery, whether your family members, everybody knows somebody who is in recovery and I think we can really make a statement if we all came together and opened a dialogue."