Madison Public Works Prepares for potential flooding

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MADISON, Ala. – If severe weather is heading into Madison, the Public Works Department gears up. They start fueling their trucks up and loading their barricades and cones. Their number one priority is the safety of the public.

On Thursday the crew's job was to simply keep an eye out. "We check on our drains and creeks. You can have debris fall in the creek and stop it up. We are checking all that," Madison City's Public Works Crew Chief Mike Gentle said.

He said sometimes the public can make their job a little more difficult. When it rains the water has to go somewhere. It's usually goes into a drain, but if the drain is clogged up with debris it can't get into the drain. Gentle said the public can help with the problem. "We ask the public if they can, if possible, put their debris on the grass, not on the curb," Gentle said.

He said trees can also be dangerous when heavy rains move in. "The ground is getting saturated, so if we get any high winds or anything that can cause trees to start coming down," Gentle said.

He said the public needs to be aware of their surroundings. "Don`t park under a tree or walk under trees during this kind of weather, cause you never know. A tree can come down without notice, and we don`t won`t anyone to get hurt," Gentle said.

Gentle said if the rain stays steady like this over the next few days flooding will not be an issue. He said only time will tell.