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Jackson County EMA is warning residents to stay safe from potential flooding

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – The key to facing severe weather is a preparedness plan.

When severe weather threatens with possible flooding, it’s important to know the difference between a flood watch and a flood warning.

“When you have a watch it means flooding is possible. If it’s a warning, it means that flooding has already occurred or is expected to occur,” says Michael Ashburn, Director of the Jackson County EMA.

If a flood does occur the very first thing you should do is…

“…people need to turn off their electricity, and they need to turn off the gas. Don’t use your electrical appliances and things of that nature,” says Ashburn.

Also keep your important documents in mind.

“Important papers should really be kept in a safe deposit box somewhere. Also, most people have an iPhone or smart phone of some kind. Take a photo of your important documents.

If the flooding gets too bad, the next step is to take cover.

“Whether it’s at a relatives, a friend… hotel or what.”

If there’s water on the roadways, definitely don’t drive.

“It only takes about six inches of running water to knock a person over and two feet of water will float a vehicle,” says Ashburn.

Staying safe is the goal, so having a plan is vital.