There is an app for losing weight

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When it comes to losing weight, or getting in shape, or both, the key is coming up with a game plan and then stick to it.

David Hitt and Robert La Branche did that in a big way.

Robert has lost at least 80 pound. David has lost at least 50.

They have high pressure jobs. Both are contractors working on the Space Launch System.   Both have families and 24 hours in most days just isn’t enough.

But both are also data junkies.

In their jobs and work environment, they are constantly crunching numbers and data.

David and Robert have translated that approach to weight loss with the use of apps.

Robert downloaded ‘My Fitness Pal.’ David downloaded ‘Lose it.”

It boils down to math for them. If they eat less calories than their target calorie goal, they lose weight. If they eat more than the target calorie goal, they don’t lose weight.

Some might say, they need to exercise to make this work. David says he does when he has a chance.

The point here is David and Robert have found a system that works for them to keep weight off and they have to discipline to stick to it.

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