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New shops to “pop-up” at Parkway Place Mall

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  The next time you go into the mall—you may notice a new tenant. Or a few. Parkway Place Mall is hosting a pop-up shop, offering prime real-state to local businesses that may not have a store front of their own.

The latest shop to come to the mall is Vivid Boutique. Their new store is filled with cute and trendy clothes. But get here while the gettin' is good because "you can only do a week at a time." Meaning each shop will be in this space for only 7 days.

"Anything from jellies, jams, candles, artwork, it`s not just your local merchants that are making clothes, it`s for anything." says Marketing Director, Molly Mitchell. "A long-term lease in the mall can be daunting for a small business owner."

Especially when success is not guaranteed. "They've never been exposed to mall traffic, that regular tempo of a mall and what seasons bring."

So the pop up shop allows just that-- for a reduced rate and short term commitment.  For the businesses lucky enough to be in the mall the week of back to school shopping, well you`re looking to be exposed to an estimated 20,000+ shoppers in one day.

For Vivan Grider, owner of Vivid boutique, she's already got a store off University Drive. She's hoping her stint in Parkway Place Mall will help drive new customers to her permanent location. "My business has only been opened for a year. So I thought, well, if I come to the mall It's the place to come to get more people to know about your business," says Grider.

"It`ll be exciting for shoppers; exciting for the community to have something a little different and quirky and they can come out and support their favorite merchants," says Mitchell.

The pop-up shop is furnished with the fixtures-- all that is missing is the product. It is $750 to rent plus 3% of gross sales. After $7,500 in gross sales, you pay 15%.

Interested tenants can email for details.