Decatur Utilities issues a fraud warning to its customers

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DECATUR, Ala. – Decatur Utilities is issuing a warning to its customers. People are pretending to represent the utility company and asking for personal information.

"Some of our customers have been contacted by a company called "The Enrollment Team" that is representing themselves as a third party working on our behalf," Decatur Utilities Spokesperson Joe Holmes said.

He said if they call don't give them any information. He said the fraudulent company has contacted some customers from the phone number 1-888-742-3196.  Decatur Utilities is telling customers if they are contacted by this company, they should hang up.

They said don't give them company or any individual information and report the frauds by calling Decatur Utilities at (256)-552-1400.

Holmes said they are always fighting scams, but typically they are billing scams. Holmes said the so called company, "The Enrollment Team" has put a new spin on an old problem. He said they are mainly targeting small businesses and the elderly.

WHNT News 19's Aaron Cantrell reached out to the company and waited for someone to answer the phone for several minutes. He ended up just getting their voicemail.