Huntsville Police Department explains crime notification process following several robberies

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Police continue to search for more people believed to be involved in a string of robberies in southwest Huntsville. Two people have already been arrested in connection with the crime.

However, neighbors we spoke with in the area are concerned that they were never notified when the robberies first happened. Those people did not want to go on camera in fear that they would become a target.

We took those concerns to Huntsville Police Department, who said they did notify residents.

"If it's confined to a specific area, or specific group of people we try to go to them directly and try to let them know. We've been doing that with some of the community leaders in that area," said lieutenant Stacy Bates.

Bates said sometimes a mass notification isn't the best option.

"Just because of the nature of the case we don't want to cause any issues with the investigation or hamper any potential arrest that may come out of it," said Bates.

In this case officers arrested 36-year-old Curtis Smith and 19-year-old Emily Maroney.

However, investigators are still looking for more who they believe are involved.

That's why they are asking those who live in the area of Patton Road and Drake Avenue to be on alert.

"Situational awareness is huge,  you can't have enough of that. Just know what's going on around you, know who's around you, what looks suspicious around your home," said Bates.

Huntsville Police Department also recommends getting involved in a community watch. If you don't already have a group in your area, you can contact the Huntsville Police Department.