Small Business Conference saves taxpayer cash and serves War Fighters.

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Redstone Arsenal, Al--At the Missile Defense Agency it's easy to find people who smile about the recent Ground Based Mid Course Defense System test. GMD did what it was supposed to on a test that covered thousands of miles. The interceptor successfully destroyed the target. The test, and the system itself, not cheap. "It's a very expensive business, no doubt about it," said Lee Rosenberg the Director of the Missile Defense Agency Office of Small Business Programs.

The expense of doing the high-tech things that MDA does is one reason the agency will host its annual small business conference next week. Utilizing small business saves money, but it does something else too. "We want to get the flexibility that small businesses bring to the table because things change a lot and being able to adapt to that change is every important," said Rosenberg.

It's hard to name an MDA program that doesn't in some way involve small businesses, usually more than one. The businesses themselves come in all sizes. "Well we're talking about, depending on what we're buying, anything from a mom and pop in a garage, all the way to businesses in excess of a thousand people," said Lee Rosenberg.

Rosenberg directs MDA's Office of Small Business Programs, and he can't promise every small business at the conference will immediately get a contract and be part of an MDA project. He does promise great opportunities for networking, and the ability to be part of a future contract, where the work will provide benefits to a pair of important groups. "Well, I think the soldiers that are deployed around the world who depend on our systems to protect them, and the taxpayer that's paying for that," said Lee Rosenberg.

Registration for the Conference at the Von Braun Center south Hall is still open.  The conference set for June 21 and 22nd. Registration is available at the door, and online at till Monday afternoon at 5:00 PM.