Make your garden a welcoming space for pollinators

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Pollinators can be many different creatures, like bees, butterflies, birds, beetles, and even bats.  Without them, we wouldn't have any fruits or vegetables, and help sustain other plant life.  Whether large or small, you can make a pollinator garden in your yard.

First, have flowers with plenty of pollen or nectar.  Also provide an area with water so the pollinators can have a drink.  Offer some mud, logs, or natural mulch as shelter.  Make sure your pollinator garden is in the sunshine, not just for your flowers, but also so that the pollinators can warm up; they're more active in the sun.

Try to stay away from using herbicides and insecticides so as to protect the insects that you're trying to attract.  And finally, plant a variety of pollinator flowers in clusters - the birds, butterflies, and bugs will be attracted to the variety of color.

So plant a pot of zinnia or fill your yard with wildflowers to make a perfect place for these important pollinators.

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