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Music Hall of Fame gets facelift thanks to inductee and volunteers

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. – When you walk into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame, you never know what you might find.

Thursday afternoon the singing senator himself was serenading a group of ladies visiting the museum.

Not only is Bobby Denton a long-time state senator, he’s a world-renowned musician and inductee.

Bobby Denton

He’s also a pretty good project leader.

“I was out here, and it was fun. I like construction and working on something you are passionate about. It was good for me too,” Denton said.

Denton spear-headed efforts to get the Hall of Fame’s front fountain up and running. It had been dormant for years and years.

Dixie Griffin, Alabama Music Hall of Fame

“We worried about what people were thinking as they drove up; our beautiful fountain was not on and some other things were going on,” explained Dixie Griffin with the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

Their fixes included getting the planters cleaned out which were causing issues inside the building. The small outdoor stage is also ready for concerts.

These projects are now completed, allowing them to turn their attention indoors.

“We do continue to change out the showcases and add new artists and add new music,” explained Griffin. “So yeah, you do have to stay on top of everything.”

The majority of the repairs to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame were made possible by donations from companies and individuals.

The next order of business will be to remodel the lobby to accommodate small music events.

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