UAH campus grows as the student population continues to climb

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The University of Alabama at Huntsville is growing and doing so quickly. In 2016, UAH had its largest population ever at 8,500 students.

With the growth, there's a big push to get more students to live on campus.

"We are experiencing not only just growth in terms of freshman, but transfer students as well," said UAH Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Peggy Masters.

The University has a goal of getting to 10,000 students by 2020.

Masters says one example of the campus growing to meet student needs is a new residence hall.

"It's going to add at least 400 additional beds on campus, which we really need," said Masters.

Masters says a perfect example of growth, that is completed, is the student services building.

"This building is just a year old and really was built for the students in mind," said Masters. "It's a front door so students can access all the offices that they need to. Instead of having to go around to multiple different places, they can come to the student services building."

Much of the time spent on student recruitment takes place out of the state, but Masters says UAH still targets in-state students to add to its growing population.