Local faith leaders ask community to pitch in prayers for Mt. Zion Baptist Church

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Mt. Zion Baptist Church leaders are asking for prayers and time to heal. They said it's going to to take time to make sense of the tragic bus crash that killed one of their members, and injured several others.

Now other local churches are not only offering their counseling services, but are asking their members to pitch in prayers.

Members of Asbury United Methodist church prayed for the Mt. Zion victims during their weekly prayer on Thursday evening.

"Well, it was different because there was a deep sadness in the room. We all had the heaviness in our hearts," said Alan Weatherly, Asbury Senior Pastor.

When news broke of the crash, it hit home for those who worship there.

"With a sister church nearby suffering this tragedy, that really did change the tenure of the prayer time yesterday," said Weatherly.

He said some of the young folks from Asbury know people who were involved in the crash.

Weatherly said it's a long road to healing for the members of the church and the community. In most tragic situations, many people want to ask the question, why? Why did something so terrible happen?

"I'd say there are no easy answers, but we believe in a God, our lord Jesus Christ who himself suffered greatly and died," explained Weatherly.

He said while those answers might not come fast, prayer is the best medicine for those who believe in a higher power.

"What we draw strength from is we believe in redemptive suffering. That is that God can take situations that are tragic such as this, and work great good," said Weatherly.

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