Huntsville-based Dynetics selected to build SLS Universal Stage Adapter

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Dynetics logo, Courtesy of Dynetics, Inc.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Dynetics, Inc. is the company chosen to build the Universal Stage Adapter for NASA’S Space Launch System (SLS.)

The SLS will be the most powerful rocket ever built, and it is expected to eventually carry man into deep space.

Dynetics, headquartered in Huntsville, has been awarded Glenn Research Center’s prime contract to manage the Universal Stage Adapter from design to assembly. Its value is an estimated $221 million.

The Universal Stage Adapter will be designed, built and tested in Huntsville, Dynetics says.

That means Dynetics will need to expand. Work will be done at Dynetics’ new Aerospace Structures Complex and the RUAG Space USA facility in Decatur. Dynetics will break ground on its Decatur facility in the summer of 2017. The USA assembly facility will be finished in 2019.

The Universal Stage Adapter is integral to the SLS.

According to a press release issued by Dynetics, the USA will integrate the EUS to the Orion crew module while providing structural, electrical and communication paths. The USA will also provide environmental control to payloads during integrated ground operations, launch, and ascent phases.

“We are extremely proud to be selected as the prime contractor for the NASA Space Launch System’s Universal Stage Adapter. This contract will build on Dynetics’ expertise in the space industry which includes developing the low-cost, full-scale advanced booster cryogenic liquid oxygen demonstration tank and manufacturing, designing and testing propulsion components and systems for the SLS core and upper stages,” said Robert Wright, Dynetics program manager through a Dynetics press release. “Our teammates – RUAG Space USA, ZIN Technologies, Dynamic Concepts, Inc., Craig Technologies, Tuskegee University and Paragon Tec – will bring vast levels of experience and knowledge together as we design and develop flight hardware that will be used to take humans and science missions further into deep space.”

After the part is completed, crews will move it from Decatur to Cape Canaveral, Florida by barge.

Dynetics explained the contract expands Dynetics’ role at NASA’s Glenn Research Center and Marshall Space Flight Center and moves the company into more flight hardware development, production and test.

It already has the prime contract for SLS’s Advanced Booster Engineering Demonstration and Risk Reduction. The company is the subcontractor for manufacturing and transportation for the SLS core stage pathfinder vehicle.