Community Members React to Comey’s Hearing

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Everyone in Blue Plate Cafe can agree their food taste amazing, but when it comes to politics their opinions differ.

Today many Madison County residents gave their thoughts on Former FBI Director James Comey’s hearing. The cafe had their televisions tuned into the hearing.

“Why did President Trump fire Comey? I don`t think he would have fired him, if he wasn’t trying to cover something up. Because it was right in the heat of Comey investigating President Trump on something that was going on with Trump and Putin,” Shondella Barkley said.

“The way Comey handled the entire Clinton investigation he was ready to be released of his duty. I`m surprised it wasn’t done sooner. He works at the discretion of the President and he thought it was time for him to go,” Dennis Cahill said.

During Comey’s testimony he admitted to writing down several conversations he had with President Donald Trump. He said during his years as the FBI Director this was the first president he felt it was necessary to have a log on what was discussed.

“President Trump has a history of saying things that are inaccurate or far fetched. I think Comey said let me do this, so he could have documentation and proof so Trump can’t go back and say oh I didn’t say that,” Barkley said.

“I think it`s strange he had met with other presidents on one on one basis and didn’t write anything down. I don`t understand why he felt under this President he needed to keep accurate records,” Barkley said.